Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Utusan Malaysia featured us, FIZIWOO

We were featured in UTUSAN MALAYSIA!

MIFW 2011 - FIZIWOO (Part 2)

Untuk second show di MIFW 2011, saya memperagakan kembali baju koleksi Anugerah Pesona Tenun oleh kerana collection ni still fresh and x banyak media review lagi yang dibuat. So, it is not wrong for us to do that, right?

Since we are all busy back stage, x sempat nak suruh our photographer to snap pictures for us during the show. However, thank goodness MIFA has provide us the video.

Ramai orang dok tanya, where we got the soundtrack. =P

FFKL - Anugerah Pesona Tenun Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2011

Anugerah Pesona Tenun yang dianjurkan Berita Harian yang diadakan di Actor's Studio, KL ni merupakan a competition dimana saya telah join. 4 baju yang direka yang harus menggunakan Songket sebagai material utama. Susah jugak nak terapkan songket dalam design as the material itself selalunya orang hanya buat sampin and tengkolok. So, seperti competition lain yang saya telah join, seperti biasa saya kene produce sketches dan harus buat presentation di depan para pengadil. (and one of the judges is designer tersohor negara, Rizalman)

Jadi, setelah present semuanya, ktorang diberi masa lebih kurang seminggu utk produce baju and ini adalah hasilnya.

As I said, 2011 is the see through collection for us. This is our SIGNATURE look la for the year and most probably ktorang akan jadikan see through as our SIGNATURE laa.. Lepas2 ni mesti banyak baju2 yang see through yang akan keluar from other designers.


Alhamdulillah, utk pertandingan ni, saya menang tempat kedua; memenangi percutian fully sponsored ke Jakarta selama 3 hari 2 malam. A long needed break from work. Yeay!

MIFW 2011 - FIZIWOO (Part 1)

Last November 2011, Malaysian International Fashion Week (MIFW) 2011 diadakan di Zebra Square, Kg. Pandan; a new venue yang sebelum2 ni mmg selalunya diadakan di Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Tempatnya mmg baru aje siap and MIFW adalah first event yang diadakan di sana. Mmg tempatnya siap under construction lagi masa tu but the show must go on.

FIZIWOO telah mendapat dua slot pada MIFW kali ni and alhamdulillah, baju semua sempat buat and bertungkus lumus jugak bersekengkang mata menyiapkan baju2 utk show. So, untuk show ni, kitorang keluarkan 10 baju untuk show Autumn in KL yang bertemakan Black Ballet.

The best part is, habis aje show ni, ade 2 orang buyer yang terus beli baju ktorang. Seronok gila! The feedback was awesome! 2011 was the year for see through material for us, there's no more cerita dalam kain. Sumenya translucent!

And, The Designers!

Ni official video yang pihak MIFA keluarkan for our collection. Enjoy! 

Style Kandi - FIZIWOO


Mohammad Hafizi Radzi Woo or better known as Fizi Woo is said to be always on the lookout for an adventurous or experimental look when it comes to his designs. Only 22 years old, this young designer is already renowned for his depth and knowledge of batik fashion, as well as a tendency to juxtapose female strength and fragility in his collections.

Commenting on his upcoming ready-to-wear designs to be featured in MASiF 2011, he says, “I’ll be showcasing a collection that is very much inspired by the feminine quality of a woman. I chose the theme ‘Noire du Ballet’ which means ‘Black Ballet’ and like the dance, the designs are meaningful and abstract, but associated with mystery and the darker side of it all.”

He goes on to further explain that his designs are more structured, clean and with little embellishments as he believes the finishing touches to a look should be added in by the wearer.
But what about his view on style and aesthetics? “I am inspired by Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Calvin Klein and Dior as their design aesthetics are closely related to mine,” Fizi boldly states, adding, “If one is fashionable, it doesn’t mean he or she has style. It is something that only a lucky few possess and these are the trendsetters that keep the fashion industry going.”

For sure, Fizi is no stranger to fashion design. His achievements include Second Runner-up for Piala Seri Iman in 2009, Champion for Piala Seri Iman 2010 and his latest, First Runner-up for Anugerah Khas Juri Anugerah Pesona Tenun Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2011.

His experience with MASiF 2011 has turned out to be a surprise for him. According to him, “I first thought it would be just like any other fashion shows where a certain number of garments are requested to be produced and showcased. But as more promos, interviews and buzz came about, I began to realize the gravity of the event.”

He concludes by saying that although he’s excited about being seen in MASiF for the exposure it brings, there is already a long list of other projects he looks forward to in the near future.

“I have a couple of slots for the upcoming MiFA event and I’m also competing for the Piala Seri Endon next. Hopefully, all these will lead to bigger things in the coming years.”

Follow him on his Facebook page, www.facebook.com/officialfiziwoo to get further updates on his journey. 

Thanks to Style Kandi for the article.

Fall Winter 2011 - Black Ballet

For the Fall/Winter Collection 2011/12 yang lepas ni, bagi sesiapa yang tak tengok lagi Video Teaser nya.. silalah click link ini yeee.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUuvhzngy18

Video teaser ni dibuat dan diedit oleh En. Kai. Besides doing fashion, dia juga ada another company in doing Interior Design and Company Branding. So apa2, silalah email dia di izreeh87@yahoo.com yee.

New addition to FIZIWOO Fashion House

2011 was a good year for me. And to add more to it, FIZIWOO was joined by Mr. Izree Kai Haffiz. With Architecture background yang En. Kai ni ada, so hopefully FIZIWOO could be merrier and a good addition to the line and hopefully everything will go as plan, insyallah.

Ni la En. Kai kita.

Jangan nanti baju jadi mcm rumah dah la.. But there's a saying that I've read; "A house is like a garment", so should be a garment is like a house as well lah kan. So, whatever it is, with 2 different background that the designers from FIZIWOO ade, I hope more exploration dalam pattern and design lah. Jangan bergaduh carik-carik baju dah laa!

We have more things to come and I will upload more of what to come. So tunggu!!